Absence of a Cello

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The Absence of a Cello

by Ira Wallach

St Martin's Theatre Company Melbourne 1968

As Martin Gottfried describes: “It is about a physicist who needs money so badly he turns to the $60,000-a-year job offered by a big corporation. He wants the job, but does the company want him? Mr. Personnel is sent to find out. What seems to be starting out as a shopworn target—individuality versus conformity—turns out to be an ingeniously conceived comical discussion of honesty and truth. After being coached by a gray flanneled collegiate on how to be what every company wants, the scientist is prepared to confront the enemy (after quickly trading in his rolled-up trousers and flapping shirt for a neat brown suit)… he hides the cello he plays with pick-up quartets, he hides the medieval history books his wife writes, he hides all but the acceptable three liquor bottles. He hides, in fact, everything that he and his wife are. And hauls out the television set;


This Souvenir Program is from the 1968 Australian Production Directed by Peter Randall

Cast: Kevin Miles, Pat Norman, Kenric Hudson, Nadeleine Orr, Gypsie Burt, Naomi Daniel, Sean Scully

Size 215 x 140 mm  Pictures and information of the cast and show.

Condition: Used Good 8/10 little bit of rust on center staples
(Please Note scans are low res for fast loading)

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