Ben Franklin in Paris - 2

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Ben Franklin in Paris on Broadway 1964 - 1965

Robert Preston - Ulla Sallert - Franklin Kiser - Bob Kaliban


The story is a somewhat fictionalized account of Benjamin Franklin's adventures in the French capital. Seeking support for the Colonies' war against England, he arrives in Paris, where he enlists the aid of an old friend, Madame La Comtesse Diane de Vobrillac, a confidante to King Louis XVI. Franklin's hopes of winning the king's support seem dashed when British forces capture Philadelphia but rally when the Colonists are victorious at Saratoga. At home, his son William, the governor of New Jersey, sides with the enemy, and the traitorous act upsets the elder Franklin's plans. To regain the upper hand, he offers to marry Diane, but she rejects him. Knowing he faces death by hanging, Franklin nevertheless decides to go to England, hoping his act of martyrdom will win him posthumous support. Diane learns of the plan and intercedes with the King, who eventually welcomes Franklin in his new position of the Ambassador of the United States of America to France.

Cast: Robert Preston, Ulla Sallert, Franklin Kiser, Bob Kaliban, Byron Webster, Jack Fletcher, Oliver Clark, Jerry Schaefer, Jacqueline Mayro

Souvenir Brochure : Broadway 1964-1965

Theatre: Lunt-Fontanne Theatre NYC

Size: 225 x 300 mm Pages 16

Condition: Used Good  8 - 10

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