The Dutch Courtesan

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The Dutch Courtesan - Melbourne Theatre Company 1993

by John Marston

The Dutch Courtesan is an early Jacobean stage play written by the dramatist and satirist John Marston circa 1604. It was performed by the Children of the Queen's Revels, one of the troupes of boy actors active at the time, in the Blackfriars Theatre in London. The play was entered into the Stationers' Register on 26 June 1605, and published later that year by the bookseller John Hodgets, printed by Thomas Purfoot. The play was revived in the following decade, and performed at Court by the Lady Elizabeth's Men on 25 February 1613.

The play tells the story of two friends, the relaxed, pleasure-loving Freevill and the repressed Puritan Malheureux, and the turbulent relationship that both have with the passionate Dutch courtesan Franceschina. It explores the nature of human desire and the problems involved with trying to lead a "good," moral life when sexuality is a fundamental part of human nature. Critics have judged the play both anti-Puritan and anti-Stoic, and have also seen it as a satire on Thomas Dekker's contemporary play The Honest Whore.

The Dutch Courtesan MTC - Geoffrey Rush, Colette Mann, Helen Thomson, Robin Cuming, Paul English, Robert Menzies, Alison Whyte, Frances O'Connor, Beth Child, Gerald Lepkowski, Paul Lum, Michael Veitch, Merridy Eastman, Michael Burkett

Director Roger Hodgman
Designer Dan Potra
Lighting Jamieson Lewis
Stage Manager Andrew Barker

Playbill / Program Date Mar - May 1999 The Playhouse Theatre

Size 150 x 240 mm 

Condition: Used Good 8/10  

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