The Great Moscow Circus - 2

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The Great Moscow Circus (Circus) A Michael Edgley Production

Souvenir Program Australian Tour 1996

The title “Moscow State Circus” is used for a variety of circuses. Most commonly, it refers to one of the two circus buildings in Moscow, the “Circus Nikulin” (the old circus, featuring animal acts) and the “Bolshoi Circus” (the new circus, featuring trapeze and acrobatics), or to traveling shows which may or may not be directly related to Russia.

The Moscow Circuses, like many other institutions, were nationalized in 1919, and then, in 1957, run by the Soyuzgoscirk, the Centralized Circus Administration. In 1929 with the creation of the Moscow Circus School, the USSR became the first country in the world to operate a state-run circus training facility. At the Soviet Circus’s peak of popularity in the late 1980s, students at the Moscow Circus School trained for 20 hours every week in various disciplines, and upon completion of training, the young men were required to enlist (though they worked in an entertainment division of the army); women were welcomed, but not required to serve.

Cast: Zementov Big Bike, Leo Hao, Mr and Mrs Akhoundov, The Chernievski's, Marina Lapiado, The Alegria Brothers, Sasha Frish, Stanislav, Alexander Shukin.


Souvenir Program 1996
Size 240 x 330 mm Fantasic Pictures of the circus performers and animals
Condition: Used Good 8/10 Looks Good
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Condition: Used  Looks Good - Souvenir Brochure