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Fornicon Graeme Murphy's (Dance)

Lea Frances, Carl Plaisted, Jan Pinkerton, Patrick Harding-Irmer

Sydney Opera House May 1995


The Sydney Dance Company is one of Australia’s most successful and well-known contemporary dance companies. The company was founded in 1969 as the dance-in-education group Ballet in a Nutshell by Suzanne Musitz (Davidson), later changing its name to Athletes and Dancers, and Dance Company (NSW). In 1979 the company was renamed the Sydney Dance Company by its new artistic director Graeme Murphy, who had joined the Dance Company (NSW) in 1976.

The success of Murphy’s tenure as artistic director, with fellow dancer, collaborator and wife Janet Vernon, has been compared to the dancer and choreographer Jerome Robbins because of the way he and his company has marketed dance to a wider audience, and brought contemporary dance into a more commercial arena.

This Souvenir Brochure is from Syd Dance Company, Graeme Murphy's "Fornicon"

at the Sydney Opera House May 1995.

Starring: Lea Frances, Carl Plaisted, Jan Pinkerton, Patrick Harding-Irmer,Wakako Asano, Xue-Jun Wang, James Taylor, Simon Turner, Katherine Griffiths, Bradley Chatfield, Timothy Heathcote, Christopher Harris,Annastacia Flewin, Jasmin Lind, Martin Lewis.

Size 205 x 300 mm Colour photographs from the show and the Cast a great addition to any show collection
Condition: Used Good 8/10
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