25 Down

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25 Down - Queensland Theatre Company 2009

by Richard Jordan

In a world that’s lost all meaning, 25-year-old art school dropout James is searching for answers. To uncover the truth about himself, James embarks on a mission to become everything he’s not. But when all nighters at gay bars, drugs and sex fail to provide what is missing, will James accept that life is all downhill after 25? - Winner of the 2008-2009 Queensland Premier’s Drama Award, 25 Down is a fast-paced, funny and insightful play about the ‘children of’ the children of the revolution.

The playwright has diagnosed an illness overtaking those of 25 and under in both sexes that is, in a way, as lethal as the AIDS epidemic that decimated previous generations.

With most of life's battles already fought for them (gay rights and women's lib) they have never grown up. Perpetual procrastinators, they dither at the edge of real life as if it is a pool in which they could drown.

The play unfolds in a series of cameo scenes, or jigsaw pieces, that come together to show James's descent into the unreal world of the internet porn model. The more he tries to define what he is not through the world of fantasy, the more the realities of his exploitation become apparent. Nunan is totally believable, both physically and emotionally, as the lost young man who cannot move beyond the emotional age of 17.

25 Down Cast - Brad Ashwood, Julian Curtis, Kathryn Marquet, Daniell Mulvihill, Liam Nunan, Hugh Parker, Steven Tandy

Director - Jon Halpin
Designer - Bruce McKinven
Lighting -  Ben Hughes

Playwright - Richard Jordan

Souvenir Program Date 2009

Size 100 x 150 mm Pocket Size Program 42 Pages

Condition: Used 8/10

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