Dreams in an Empty City

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Dreams in an Empty City - Melbourne Theatre Company 1989

by Stephen Sewell

Dreams In An Empty City was thus a drama ahead of its time. In 1986, the banks had not yet achieved the general repugnance and distrust they now lay claim to. Or perhaps Sewell recognized the age we have been living in all the while. It points to how little has really changed in the 32 years that the play might have been written last week.

Its complicated plot defies a detailed summary. Three main storylines can be identified, which wind in and out of each other like a knot garden. The first is a high-stakes feud between Simon Wilson, an aging, silver-tail financier, and Derek Wiesland, an uncouth, criminal billionaire of the sort Australia regularly produces. This narrative, which has a number of subplots to it, is one in which two men attempt to destroy each other for strictly business reasons, thus demonstrating, in Wilson’s words, “moral death, the capacity for passionless violence, the terror of meaningless.” (Dreams is exceedingly existential in some of its dialogue).

Dreams in an Empty City MTC - Kevin Miles, David Pledger, Peter Crossley, Tommy Dysart, Philip Holder, Maggie Millar, Katrina Foster, Celia de Burgh, Jane Henderson, Dennis Coard, Frank Gallacher, Richard Piper

Kelly Redhead - Assistant Stage Manager
David Ridgway - Assistant Stage Manager
Ian McDonald - Composer
Richard Roberts - Designer
Simon Phillips - Director
Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer
Stephen Sewell - Playwright
Ian Cookesley - Production Manager
Greg Diamantis - Stage Manager

Playbill / Program Date Aug - Sep 1989 Playhouse Theatre

Size 140 x 215 mm 

Condition: Used Good 8/10  

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