How the Other Half Loves

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How the Other Half Loves (Play)

Robert Morley, Bettina Welch, Anne Charleston - Elizabethan Theatre  Sydney

Playbill / Program  1973



How The Other Half Loves concerns three couples: Frank and Fiona Foster; Bob and Teresa Phillips; William and Mary Featherstone. Frank employs both Bob and William and is considering promoting the latter. Bob is having an affair with Frank’s wife Fiona and is in constant conflict with his own wife, Teresa. She feels Bob is neglecting her while she raises their baby and is suspicious of his actions and phantom phone-calls made to the house. When he returns late, she confronts him about his actions and he lies that he has been comforting work associate William, who believes his wife Mary is having an affair.

Sydney Cast - Robert Morley, Bettina Welch, Anne Charleston, Mike Dorsey, reg Evans, Valma Pratt, Wendy Gilmore, Paul Glen, Frank Hamilton


Size 180 x 240 mm Great information about the show and cast a great addition to any show collection.
(Please Note scans are low res for fast loading)

Condition: Used  Looks Good - Playbill / Program


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