Pyjama Tops

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Pyjama Tops

by Ed Feibert / Mawby Green

John Inman


Written by Mawby Green and Ed Feilbert and based on the French play "Moumou" written by Jean De Letraz in 1950, "Pajama Tops" relies on misunderstandings, insinuations and impending infidelity to weave its comic web as well as a dose of mistaken identities, wacky situations and spicy innuendos. When the maid, Claudine Amour, clad in a very short red skirt with bright red high heels, and the police inspector, Legrande, confide to each other that their respective careers would be enhanced by a "notorious scandal", the audience knows that a crime of passion is lurking somewhere offstage. The fast-paced comic shtick plus physical humour  making the audience laugh all night long with their crazy shenanigans.(There is also a play on the French names in this farce. Amour means love while Le Grande means the big shot and Chauvinet means chauvinistic and Jolijoli means happy, happy or gay.)

John Inman (28 June 1935 – 8 March 2007) was an English actor and singer best known for his role as Mr. Humphries in Are You Being Served?, a British sitcom between 1972 and 1985. He was also well known in the United Kingdom as a pantomime dame.


This Brochure is from 1980 Australian Tour

 Cast: John Inman, Barry Creyton, Johnny Lockwood, Veronica Lang, Louise Howitt, Don Swonnell, Jenni Anderson

Condition: Used Good 8-10  ticket stapled to 1st pageSize: 240 x 150 mm


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