Something Different

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Something Different (Dec 1967)

Bob Dishy, Linda Lavin, Maureen Arthur

Cort Theatre

  The plot stringing them it all together is about a playwright, Sheldon (Bud) Nemerov, who has been blocked ever since writing his first Broadway hit, ''Seven Times Seven Plus One,'' 12 years ago. Now living in a suburban manse with 14 bedrooms and nine baths, Bud decides that the only way he'll ever write another play is to recreate the exact, underprivileged circumstances under which he wrote the first: He'll erect a facsimile of his poor Jewish mother's Bronx kitchen smack in the middle of his Tudor living room. Written and Directed by Carl Reiner.

Cast - Bob Dishy, Gabriel Dell, Linda Lavin, Maureen Arthur, Helena Carroll, Victoria Zussin, Claudia McNeil.

Playbill / Program Date Dec 1967

Run: Nov 28, 1967 - Feb 24, 1968

Size 225 x 155 cm Large Format Pages 64

Condition: Used Good 8/10 (Please Note scans are low res for fast loading)

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