The Marriage of Bette and Boo

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The Marriage of Bette and Boo (Aug 2008)

Kate Jennings Grant, Christopher Evan Welch

Laura Pels Theatre

  As the play begins Bette and Boo are being united in matrimony, surrounded by their beaming families. But as the further progress of their marriage is chronicled it becomes increasingly clear that things are not working out quite as hoped for. The birth of their son is followed by a succession of stillborns; Boo takes to drink; and their respective families are odd lots to say the least: His father is a sadistic tyrant, who refers to his wife as the dumbest woman in the world; while Bette's side includes a psychotic sister who endures lifelong agonies over her imagined transgressions and a senile father who mutters in unintelligible gibberish. For solace and counsel they all turn to Father Donnally, a Roman Catholic priest who dodges their questions by impersonating (hilariously) a strip of frying bacon. Conveyed in a series of dazzlingly inventive interconnected scenes, the play moves wickedly on through three decades of divorce, alcoholism, madness and fatal illness—all treated with a farcical brilliance which, through the author's unique talent, mines the unlikely lodes of irony and humor residing in these ostensibly unhappy events. Cast -  Kate Jennings Grant, Christopher Evan Welch, Victoria Clark, Adam Lefevre, Zoe Lister-Jones, Heather Burns.

The Marriage of Bette and Boo (Play) Kate Jennings Grant, Christopher Evan Welch - Laura Pels Theatre

Playbill / Program Date Aug 2008

Run: Jul 13, 2008 - Sep 06, 2008


Size 215 x 135 Pages 52

Condition: Used Good 8/10

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