Ying Tong

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Ying Tong - A Walk with the Goons Queensland Theatre Company 2007

by Roy Smiles

Everyone has a favourite Goon line, I’m sure. Or at least everyone over a certain age. Neddie Seagoon fronts up to the customs desk: “Do you have anything to declare, Sir?” Neddie: “What a wonderful day it is today.” Comedy is a funny thing, though. It often doesn’t transplant very smoothly, neither across the years nor over the oceans, and there are Goon fans and people who can’t stand the Goons everywhere. It’s pretty clear though that without the anarchic brilliance of the Goons, Britain might not have had Monty Python, and without Monty Python there might not have been the Goodies, and so on, right up to the repetitive bad taste of Little Britain. None of these programs, however, has contained such a huge number of one-liners, the breathless madness of plots, the sheer delight in the quirks and craziness of language, year after year after year. So thank you Roy Smiles for writing this play about Spike Milligan’s writing of and adventures in the surreal world of the Goons. And thank you to this brilliant cast which made this the funniest and the most moving night out in the theatre in recent memory.

Ying Tong QTC Cast - Geoff Kelso, Jonathan Biggins, David James, Tony Harvey

Director - Richard Cottrell
Designer - Michael Scott-Mitchell
Lighting -  Damien Cooper

Souvenir Program Date 2007

Size 170 x 220 mm 

Condition: Used 8/10

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