Contact - 2000 OBC Jason Antoon, Boyd Gaines

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Contact (Musical) 2000 OBC Jason Antoon, Boyd Gaines

Deborah Yates, Jack Hayes

Souvenir Program Broadway Production with cast and creative insert


Contact is made up of three separate dance pieces, each set to pre-recorded music from the likes of Tchaikovsky, Stephane Grappelli, the Squirrel Nut Zippers, Royal Crown Revue, and The Beach Boys. In each story, the central character expresses a longing to make a romantic connection.:

Part One – “Swinging”

Part One, set in an 18th century French forest clearing, can be described as a contact improvisation on Fragonard’s The Swing, a print of which is displayed on an easel when the audience arrives. Sex and concealed identity are involved in this piece of amoral intrigue – a servant and his master each seeks the young lady’s affection. Much of the action takes place on a moving swing.

Part Two – Did You Move?

Part Two, set in 1950s New York, takes place in an Italian restaurant, focusing on the empty marriage of a small-time gangster and his wife. The wife has extensive dance sequences as she fantasizes about escaping her verbally abusive spouse, but each time is returned rudely to reality. Set to recorded orchestral music of Tchaikovsky and Grieg.

Part Three – “Contact”

Part Three, a contemporary piece, explores the emptiness of the career-driven lives of Manhattan apartment dwellers. A lonely advertising executive on the brink of suicide is somehow transported to a bar, where he encounters a stunning woman in a yellow dress. To win her and take control of his life, he must gain the confidence to make contact with another human being. It helped to create a surge of interest in acrobatic and rock and roll swing dancing.

Contact (Musical) 2000 OBC Jason Antoon, Boyd Gaines, Deborah Yates, Jack Hayes
Souvenir Program Broadway Production with cast and creative insert
Size 230 x 300 mm Packed with lots of pictures and information from the show and cast
Condition: Used Good 8/10

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