Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

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Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Nov 2004) Rosemarie Dewitt- 2econd Stage Theatre


John Patrick Shanley is best known for his screenplay for Moonstruck, in which he took a gentler, more whimsical look at the same sort of working-class characters he deals with fatalistically in Danny.The parallels there is: the inarticulate brute revealing his gentle soul, the woman still haunted by her Catholic upbringing, the challenge to take a headlong plunge into supposed happiness, the ties to the old neighborhood.Danny and the Deep Blue Sea fulfills that promise in spades; both characters are served up ample portions of scenery to chew. Danny and Roberta are two of life's more visible walking wounded — he's a borderline psychotic with a short fuse, and she might as well have the word "victim" stencilled across her forehead. They collide in a neighborhood bar, where he regales her with an account of beating the living crap out of someone the night before. She counters with the fact that she's performed fellatio on her own father, by which time the two have so thoroughly charmed one another that they adjourn to her place for a few tender moments under the covers. So much for meeting cute. Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley (Nov 2004) Rosemarie Dewitt, Adam Rothenberg - 2econd Stage Theatre.  

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Play) Rosemarie Dewitt- 2econd Stage Theatre

Playbill / Program Date Nov 2004
Run: June 06 1984-Sept 16, 1984
Size 135 x 215 mm 74 Pages Lots of Cast and Show Info
Condition: Used Good 8/10

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