Fool Moon

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Fool Moon (Nov 1998)

David Shiner, Bill Irwin with the Red Clay Ramblers

Brooks Atkinson Theatre

  ''Fool Moon'' is in the tradition of the silent movies of Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd, works in which life is a nonstop maddening wrestling match with the world at large. The show's first moments, in which the bellicose Mr. Shiner fights through rows of audience members to find a seat, are a canny, fun-house mirror of what most theatergoers have to go through just to see a play. Then suddenly there's Mr. Irwin, up on the stage, fighting against a recalcitrant microphone cord and losing the battle. Nothing, on either side of the proscenium arch, is going right.Yet through a series of mimed sketches, in which Mr. Irwin plays sweet to Mr. Shiner's sour, these fine physical clowns produce an evening that, in its deceptively silly way, bears the same relationship to contemporary urban dwellers that Sophoclean tragedy did to ancient Athenians. It's catharsis that's offered here, and not of a trivial order.''Fool Moon,'' created by and starring Bill Irwin and David Shiner, has been to Broadway three times now 1993,1995 and 1998.    

Fool Moon (Comedy) David Shiner, Bill Irwin with the Red Clay Ramblers - Brooks Atkinson Theatre.
Playbill / Program Date Nov 1998
Run : Nov 23, 1998 - Jan 3, 1999
Size 215 x 135 Pages 78
Condition: Used Good 8/10

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