Forgotten Land

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Forgotten Land / Nuages / Symphony in D /Sinfonietta

Australian Ballet 1993

State Theatre Melbourne



Forgotten Land 1981 explores memories, events and people that over time are lost or forgotten and how people sometimes vainly try to recover them, or a sense of them in order to regain their former power and value. The work itself is inspired and based on a painting of women on a beach by the Norwegian Expressionist painter Edvard Munch. The work mainly involves duets who move their arms in various stretched positions, as if they were reaching out for something. The dancers arch their backs and dance expressively, reflecting both the music and the haunting painting that influenced the work. Kylián makes a statement of lost homelands, lost lovers and lost times and there are also duets that reflect violent moods. These duets end up as a large ensemble and then the women are left on the shore, stretching their arms again like birds that cannot fly.

Nuages (1976) Stuttgarter Ballett

Choreographic superstar Jiří Kylián came to Australia to stage Symphony in D, Forgotten Land, Sinfonietta and Nuages. The last two works were new to the company’s repertoire.

The Australian Ballet is the largest classical ballet company in Australia. It was founded by J. C. Williamson Theatres Ltd. and the Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust in 1962, with the English-born dancer, teacher, repetiteur and director Dame Peggy van Praagh as founding artistic director. Today, it is recognised as one of the world's major international ballet companies. 

Cast: Jane Finnie, Steven Etienne, Helene Sheilds, Josef Christianson, Karina Hernandez, Gaetano Del Monaco, Lisa Pavane, Roy Wilson, Robyn Corby, Damien Welch, Rebecca Yates, Stephen Morgante, Miranda Coney, Steven Heathcote, LYnette Wills, Bronwyn Holley, Paula Baird, Muriel Carine, Andrew Murphy, Damien Welch, David Cranson, James Newman, Nathan Coppen, Christopher Lam, Shane Placentino

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