Grab Me a Gondola

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Grab Me a Gondola (Play) Barbara Robindson, Bill French

Empire Theatre 1959  Playbill / Program


Set at the Venice Film Festival, Grab Me A Gondola echoed the real life antics of publicity-seeking starlets. Virginia Jones     is news! The hero is Tom Wilson, a reporter, who is in Venice to come     up with a really good story about Virginia Jones. To get his story he     spend a great deal of his time in the company of the starlet much to the     chagrin of his girlfriend, Margaret. The playboy Prince Luigi enters into     their lives and while Virginia is busy with Tom, he occupies himself with     Margaret and champagne. But Margaret saves herself, and the situation.     She replaces Tom’s article about Virginia’s Shakespearean acting ambitions     with one of her own rumouring marriage between the tart and Prince Luigi     and, after a lot of lively business, that is precisely what takes place.

Sydney Cast - Robert Healey, Guido Lorraine, John Newman, Tikky Taylor, Johnny Ladd, Sheila Bradley, Bill French, Barbara Robinson, Fred Paterson, Letty Craydon, Ronnie Shand, Estella Nova, Jeffrey Kovel

Size 135 x 215 mm Great information about the show and cast a great addition to any show collection.
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Condition: Used  Looks Good - Playbill / Program


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