Mr and Mrs Phillip Street Theatre

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Mr and Mrs Phillip Street Theatre (Musical Revue)

Barry Humphries, Brenda Humphries

Phillip Street Theatre  Sydney   Playbill / Program


Phillip Street Theatre, It has always been our aim to present Revues that are original and different, and “Mr & Mrs” is most certainly a “Revue with a difference. For the first time on any stage we present a Revue, the entire cast of which comprises husbands and wives.

Following our policy of encouraging Australia Talent, we present the works of three new script writers – Dudley Goldman, Kenneth Gonin and Eric Rasdall, who have worked on every domestic theme but one. They have mercifully spared you any references to mothers in law.

Cast -  Barry Humphries, Brenda Humphries, Nola O'Connor, Johnny O'Connor, Maisie Carlisle, Carl Carlisle, Faye Donaldson, Bill Donaldson




Size 140 x 210 mm Great information about the show and cast a great addition to any show collection.
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