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Mrs Klein - Melbourne Theatre Company 1989

by Nicholas Wright

Based partly on biographical fact, Nicholas Wright's hit play told the story of her tempestuous relationship with her daughter Melitta (Eve Best). Melanie was the supreme egotist, treating her children Melitta and Hans as psychological case-studies by analysing their thoughts and desires and publishing the results in book form. This has helped to establish her worldwide reputation, but rendered her a terrible mother. Tiring of Melanie's endless Freudian intepretations, Hans rebelled by leaving the country and forging a relationship with an older woman. He died prematurely; but far from grieving for him, Melanie offered yet another Freudian reading of his motives. Meanwhile Melitta tried to pursue a career of her own as a medical doctor; but whenever she returned to Melanie's house she was treated like an infant, as if her mother could not entertain the thought that her daughter could live a life of her own. At length Melitta severed her relationship with her mother and returned Melanie's keys. Like Hans, she understood that the only way to pursue her own interests was to escape Melanie for ever.

Mrs Klein MTC - Irene Inescort, Helen Morse, Celia De Burgh

Director - Simon Phillips
Designer - Shaun Gurton
Lighting - Jamie Lewis
Stage Manager - Andrew Barker

Playbill / Program Date Nov - Dec 1989 Russell Street Theatre

Size 140 x 215 mm 

Condition: Used Good 8/10  

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