Pack of Lies

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Pack of Lies (Play)

Judi Dench - Michael Williams -  1983 London West End Production

Based on a true story, the plot centres on Bob and Barbara Jackson (in real life Bill and Ruth Search) and their teenage daughter Julie (in real life Gay Search, later a television reporter and newspaper journalist in the UK.) The Jacksons are friendly with their neighbours, Peter and Helen Kroger, until the couple is arrested and charged with espionage in 1961. It is revealed the Krogers actually are Morris and Lona Cohen, who during the 1950s and 60s worked with fellow spy Gordon Lonsdale photographing and encoding as microdots various pieces of material which they then sent to their colleagues in Russia, as part of a Soviet espionage network known as the Portland Spy Ring that had penetrated Britain’s Royal Navy.

This UK Program is from the 1983 London's  West End Season production of Pack of Lies at the The Lyric Theatre.

Starring: Michael Williams, Judi Dench, Eva Griffith, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Larry Hoodekoff, Richard Veron, Elizabeth Bell, Penny Ryder.

Size 135 x 215 mm Photos of the show and cast and 1 Ticket staped to front cover.
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