The Rain Dancers

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The Rain Dancers - Melbourne Theatre Company - 2001

by Karin Mainwaring

The play poses a bleak scenario. Three generations of women share a desolate outback existence. Old Nan once had a sexual prime but is now incontinent, senile and obsessed with escaping to death. Rita is a great angry cow of a woman who needles away at the others with belligerent sarcasm. Her 25-year-old daughter Kat has not seen a male since she was seven and rolls in the dust, having erotic fantasies.

When Rita's husband Dan returns after a 25-year absence to reclaim his property, the fuse is lit. The outcome will depend on whether or not it rains by l lam on Sunday - a clever set-up for all the inherent possibilities of suspense and gestalt. Mainwaring became the first Australian playwright to have work produced by the Comedie Francaise, Paris when The Rain Dancers was produced at Theatre du Vieux Colombier, April 2001.

The Rain Dancers (Play) Genevieve Picot, Ken Radley, Peta Brady, Monica Maughan

Director Melanie Beddie
Designer Shaun Gurton
Lighting Philip Lethlean
Composer Iain Grandage
Stage Manager Gabby Walters

Playbill / Program Date Jul - Aug 2001  - Fairfax Studio

Size 150 x 240 mm 

Condition: Used Good 8/10  - Original Ticket stapled to back of front cover

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