The Rope Dancers

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The Rope Dancers by Morton Wishengrad Directed by Paul Karo

St Martin's Theatre Company Melbourne 1969

Cast: Jennifer Hoskin, Wendy Kozica, Margaret Krigsman, Julia Blake, Barry Rohde, Marion Edward, Debbie Joffe, Elizabeth McManus, Julie Powers, Norman Kaye, John Gaden, Nevil Thurgood, Kurt Ludescher


In soaring, poetic language, this tells the story of an Irish American couple at the turn of the century whose daughter has been born with six fingers on her left hand and who later becomes the victim of an ailment that appears to be St. Vitus' Dance
Because the husband was once an alcoholic roisterer, the mother is convinced that the child's plight is their punishment from God. Believing that the guilt is partially her own, she has become embittered, resentful and ingrown
Ultimately, this situation is resolved in tragedy, illustrating the torments, repressions and denials of human beings caught in a cosmic maelstrom they can neither understand nor resist.

This Souvenir Program is from the 1969 Australian Production 

Size 275 x 205 mm  Pictures and information of the cast and show.

Condition: Used Fair/Good 7/10 a little age on cover 
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