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The Taming of the Shrew - The Australian Ballet

State Theatre - Melbourne 1992

Choreography by John Cranko


The Taming of the Shrew is a ballet in two acts choreographed by John Cranko to keyboard works by Domenico Scarlatti arranged and orchestrated by Kurt-Heinz Stolze. With scenery and costumes designed by Elizabeth Dalton, it was first presented as Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung by the Stuttgart Ballet at the Wṻrtembergische Staatstheater in Stuttgart on 16 March 1969.
Cranko's ballet is a dance version of William Shakespeare's play The Taming of the Shrew (1590–1592). The story is a comedy about Petruchio's determination to subdue the irascible Katherine; he woos her, marries her, and makes her an obedient wife. Shakespeare chose his title to signify to his audiences that the play was about the marriage of a man to an ill-tempered woman given to scolding, nagging, and aggression. Such a woman, especially a wife, was known in the sixteenth century as a shrew, so called after a tiny rodent with a notoriously hostile and unpleasant nature. A woman convicted in court for being a shrew was often punished in Shakespeare's day by being confined to stocks on the village green or repeatedly dunked in a nearby pond or lake.

The roots of the Australian Ballet can be found in the Borovansky Ballet, a company founded in 1940 by the Czech dancer Edouard Borovansky. Borovansky had been a dancer in the touring ballet company of the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova and, after visiting Australia on tour with the Covent Garden Russian Ballet, he decided to remain in Australia, establishing a ballet school in Melbourne in 1939, out of which he developed a performance group which became the Borovansky Ballet. The company was supported and funded by J. C. Williamson Theatres Ltd from 1944. Following Borovansky's death in 1959, the British dancer and administrator Dame Peggy van Praagh DBE was invited to become artistic director of the company. J. C. Williamson Theatres Ltd decided to disband the Borovansky Ballet in 1961.

Cast:David Ashmole, Miranda Coney, Steven Heathcote, Greg Horsman, Timo Kokkonen, Adam Marchant, David McAllister, Lisa Pavane, Colin Peasley, Fiona Tonkin, Vicki Attard, Li8sa Bolte, Robert Marchall, Sian Stokes, Jayne Beddoe, Michele Goullet, Justine Miles, Roy Wilson, Steven Woodgate

Guest Artists: Paul De Masson, Pierre Quinn

Guest Conductor - Peter Brandy

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