Romeo and Juliet (Prokofiev)

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Romeo and Juliet (Prokofiev) 1974

The Australian Ballet at the Sydney Opera House


Based on a synopsis created by Adrian Piotrovsky (who first suggested the subject to Prokofiev) and Sergey Radlov, the ballet in its original form was completed by Prokofiev in September 1935, on commission by the Kirov Ballet, since when he first presented the music to the Bolshoi Ballet that year, they claimed it was "undanceable". The original version had a "happy" ending, but was never publicly mounted, partly due to increased fear and caution in the musical and theatrical community in the aftermath of the two notorious Pravda editorials criticising Shostakovich and other "degenerate modernists" including Piotrovsky. The conductor Yuri Fayer met with Prokofiev frequently during the writing of the music, and he strongly urged the composer to revert to the traditional ending. Fayer went on to conduct the first performance of the ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre.


The House of Capulet

Lord Capulet     Francis Croese

Lady Capulet    Mary Duchesne

Juliet                  Marilyn Rowe

Tybalt                 Alan Alder

Lord Paris         Ross Stretton

Juliet's Nurse  Edna Edgley

The House of Montague

Lord Montague   Joseph Januasitis

Lady Montague  Wendy Walker

Romeo                  Kelvin Coe

Mercutio              Paul Saliba

Benvolio              Peter Mallek


The Duke    Robert Olup

Friar            Colin Peasley

Rosaline    Michela Kirkaldie

Gypsies      Leigh Rowles, Hilary Debden, Sally Collard-Gentle

Carnival Dance  Simon Dow, Deborah Lerine, Roma Egan, Mark Brinkley, Jak Callick

Conductor  Alan Barker

The Elizabethan Trust Sydney Orchestra.

Co Artistic Director Sir Robert Helpman


Size 215 x 300 mm Brochure includes Great pictures of back stage and preparation A True collectors piece beautiful.

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