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Trilogy (Ballet) - Australian Ballet 1999 Season

Lisa Bolte, Steven Heathcote, Vicki Attard, Miranda Coney, David McAllister
Souvenir Brochure  Australian Ballet 1999 Season

1. Dark Lullaby

2. The Book of Alleged Dances

3. X

Dark Lullaby Choreography by Natalie Weir, Dark Lullaby is my response to the evocative etchings by Goya, The Sleep of Reason Begets Monsters. Whilst essentially an abstract work, at its heart is the journey of a man struggling with the burden of loss. It is a time of introspection. The Piece does not seek to describe, but to suggest. - Natalie Weir.

John's Book of Alleged Dances is a composition by John Adams for string quartet and recorded prepared piano. The first performance took place November 19, 1994, at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, California. The work was commissioned and premiered by the Kronos Quartet.  John Adams has said that the dances are alleged because “the steps for them had yet to be invented.” John's Book of Alleged Dances is approximately 25 minutes in length and is composed of ten humorously titled “dances” that can be played in any order. Choreography James Kudelka.

X Choreographer Stanton Welch, Music Brent Lewis Primitive Truth and Rhythm Hunter.

X is a celebration of the difference between generations.

Starring : Lisa Bolte, Steven Heathcote, Vicki Attard, Miranda Coney, David McAllister, Nicole Rhodes, Justine Summers, Damien Welch, Lucinda Dunn, Jane Finnie, Matthew Trent, Geon van der Wyst, Lynette Wills, Steven Woodgate 

Size 210 x 295 mm Great Pictures information on the Ballet and all of the Cast
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